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Schedule and Manage Your Hockey Business

Spend time developing hockey players and let GameOn! do the rest.

GameOn!’s powerful player registration and scheduling system lets instructors focus on conducting lessons, not administration.

Let players & parents schedule and pay for their lessons, on their own terms. Manage ever-changing instructor schedules with ease.

With GameOn!, payments are secure and scheduling is a breeze.

Track Player Development

Build lesson plans that are meaningful to your players.

Focus on a player’s long-term development by evaluating their performance during a lesson and tracking progress over the course of a season — even their entire career.

Go into lessons informed with information from past lessons, and build upon what you’ve worked on before. Focus on the skills that are unique to each of your players and build tailored lesson plans that fit each of your players long-term goals.


Communicate With Those Who Matter

Provide feedback to players, parents and coaches.

GameOn! connects those who matter most in supporting the development of a hockey player.

Players can see all aspects of their development as they continue their training. Coaches can get updates on the development of their players. Parents can see the value they’re getting from lessons.

Everyone is in the loop.


Works Anywhere, On Any Device

Quickly evaluate a player's progress from your phone, analyze longer-term statistics from the office. GameOn! works where you need it to work.

Develop Hockey Players Of All Ages, All Levels

From Tyke to Midget, from House League to Junior — GameOn! can support the development of hockey players at any level.

Track Development Over A Player's Entire Hockey Career

Seeing a player's history is important for their future development. Monitor progress over the course of their hockey career.

Custom Branding

Customize GameOn! to work seamlessly with your hockey school's website.

Secure Payments

All credit card information is treated securely. GameOn! works with all the major payment processors.

Advanced Reporting

Get to know your hockey school's business inside out with detailed transactional reports.

What People Are Saying

  • This program is saving my life and really improving the business. Looking forward to taking this to the next level.

    Adam B Goalie Coach & Instructor
  • I love the fact that I can see what type of training my players are taking outside of team practices, and it’s great that I can even suggest things that they could be working on.

    Mark H PeeWee AA Coach
  • We came back to our hockey school because they use GameOn! Scheduling lessons is just so much easier.

    Mary B Goalie Mom
  • I don’t have to worry about my dad telling me what I need to work on because we both can see what my coach is telling me to work on.

    Simon J Defenseman - 2002 PeeWee A

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GameOn! is currently being introduced into select hockey leagues and schools in South Western Ontario. Get in touch with us today about how GameOn! may help your league or school.

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